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Exquisitely Crafted, Locally Sourced.
Established in 2019, M&A Provisions brings a fresh take to traditional cocktail bitters. Whenever possible, we do our best to source all of our base flavoring ingredients from Johns Island South Carolina. With an abundance of small farms and producers in the low country, we have no shortage of high quality seasonal ingredients to choose from- often right in our own back yards.

The salt marsh and semi-tropical climate indigenous to the sea island eco-system yields a unique characteristic to the produce found in this region. Using stone fruits and other regional organics, we dry our ingredients within hours of harvest in order to concentrate these unique flavors and create small batch cocktail bitters of unparalleled quality.
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Mark and Andy’s Cocktail Bitters are decadently complex, but also astonishingly well rounded. Our varietals add umami, depth, and character in a way that elevates the simple cocktail into a sublime experience. 

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